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Champion Pen of Heifers
2022 Klamath Bull & Heifer Sale
Sired by BCC Excitement 19D

Champion Heifers_edited.jpg
Heifers for Sale - 2022: Meet the Team

We have heifers for sale from the following sires and grandsires

Our Heifer Selection

Heifers for Sale - 2022: Products

LD Capitalist 316

Photo courtesy of Universal Semen Sales

Spring 2022 Sale

Yearling Heifers

Every year we end up with more quality heifers than we can realistically inject back into our herd.  That's good news for our customers.  Every year we offer a handful of quality heifers, often AI sired, for sale.  These ladies make a great addition to anyone looking to improve genetics or add some variety to what they already have.

Heifers for Sale - 2022: Welcome

#102 - $1500

Sire: LD Capitalist

Dam's Sire: SCC Beyond 106X TMK

Birth Weight: 62

Weaning Weight: 

#104 - $1500

Sire: LD Capitalist

Dam's Sire: SCC Beyond 106X TMK

Birth Weight: 75

Weaning Weight: 

#119 - $1500
Paternal Sister to Champion Heifers

Sire: BCC Excitement 19D

Dam's Sire: V A R Empire 3037

Birth Weight: 70

Weaning Weight: 

Heifers for Sale - 2022: Products
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